There are many services provided by Debt vs. Debtor Ltd., some of which include:

  • Information and Education on Financing

Many people are under debt because of not having the proper education and knowledge about the finances. Most of the people rely on counselors or financial advisors for these types of subjects. And, if you are a client and do not have the information on this, it will be easier to make you believe on anything the creditor says. At our company, we provide you education for this, which will help you for the rest of your life. 

  • Management plans for Debts

When you provide information on your credit finances, one of our certified experts will review it. The professional will provide essential information and all the benefits of the plan or program. After that, you can check whether you are having any profit or not. And, if you are ready to afford all the payments, the plan will be offered. The company will help in making plans for the proper management of your debts.

  • Credit Bills Counseling

At Debt vs. Debtor Ltd., we provide “FREE” counseling service to the clients who face complications in paying the credit card bills and other unsecured bills. This free service will help you in your tricky situation and give knowledge on how to pay those bills without any trouble. If any of the offers come beneficial, one can opt for the debt-clearing services or debt management plans also. You will never be obligated for our other services after taking the free service, in our company. 

  • Counseling for houses

We as a company are certified to provide counseling services for home debts also. We are approved professionals offering a great range in-house related counseling. Anybody can contact us for rental as well as first time home loan related debts.

  • Bankrupt analysis

We educate people about bankrupting and give classes on filing petitions before and after bankruptcy.  Everyone must be educated for bankrupt petitions, pre, and post-filing. We as a team of professionals provide counseling services for bankruptcy also and prevent anyone from being a defaulter. We help people and banks to negotiate in the transaction and settlement of the outstanding debts as quick as possible.